If your schedule is anything like mine, taking a week to travel around aimlessly probably isn’t an option. It seems like we get busier and busier every year, leaving precious little time for summer exploration. The days of having two months off every summer may be relegated to our childhood memories, but you don’t need a lot of time to have a lot of fun. There are a number of destinations that are only a few hours’ drive from Louisville. If you’re in search of a one-day getaway, check out these awesome destinations.
Bardstown, Kentucky
Distance From Louisville: 40 Miles
The perfect destination for history buffs, Bardstown is teeming with tributes to the past of the Bluegrass State. You can tour My Old Kentucky Home State Park, which includes the mansion that is the subject of our state song. The Civil War Museum in Bardstown is the fourth-largest in the entire nation. The city is also known as the bourbon capital of the world. Whether you imbibe or not, visiting the old distilleries and learning about Kentucky’s most famous export is a treat.Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Distance From Louisville: 141 Miles
If natural wonders are more your speed, you can’t do much better than a trip to the Red River Gorge. While its remarkable sandstone arches get most of the attention, there is no shortage of breathtaking landscape to view. It’s also a world-renowned rock climbing destination—not that you’ll catch me hopping into a harness anytime soon. For those wanting to turn their day trip into an overnight stay, cabins and camping spaces are available at a very reasonable price. And don’t miss local staple Miguel’s Pizza.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Distance From Louisville: 100 Miles
Urban adventurers may prefer checking out a city than driving into the wilds of nature. In that case, Cincinnati’s a great destination, and it’s less than a two-hour’s drive. Catch a Reds game, visit theCincinnati Art Museum, dine at one of the city’s hot new restaurants, or do all of the above. If you haven’t been to Ohio’s third-largest city in a while, you’ll be surprised at how revitalized it is.

These are just three suggestions among many. Mammoth Cave National Park, the Land Between the Lakes, Nashville, and more all within a few hours of Louisville. You may not have a month (or even a week) to spend travelling, but thankfully you don’t need it. One of the joys of living in our area is that there’s an entire world right at your fingertips. I encourage you to do a little Googling and find the destination that’s perfect for your next family day trip.
If you are heading out on a one-day road trip and happen to get in an accident, you can call Emery Law Office at (502) 771-1LAW (1529) for help. And don’t forget to tell us your favorite nearby getaways in the comments.
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