About Emery Law Office

Personal injury attorney Melissa Emery has been helping Kentucky and Indiana residents pursue compensation for the losses they suffered after being injured in car crashes for more than a decade. In May 2017, she launched Emery Law Office. Today, her firm proudly works on injured victims’ behalves to pursue the money they need to cover their losses.  

We believe that a successful claim begins with a positive client-attorney relationship. When you work with us, you won’t feel like you need a legalese interpreter – we talk to people like people. You can expect that kind of personable service from every member of our team, starting with your first phone call to our receptionist. Your case belongs to you, not to your attorney, your medical providers or the insurance companies involved in your case. As the claimant, you’re in the driver’s seat and that means you get the final say on everything involved in your case.

My Personal Approach to Working with Clients  

A note from Melissa Emery 

Like many people, I hate going to the dentist. It’s an uncomfortable experience that makes me feel powerless. When a dentist or hygienist goes out of their way to explain what they’re doing and make me feel comfortable with the process, I feel much better about the whole thing.  

I bring this up because we try to do the same thing here at Emery Law Office. Our goal is to put your mind at ease by clearing up the fog that surrounds so many legal issues. When somebody comes into our office, it’s usually the first time they’re dealing with a major auto accident. They’re stressed, confused, and in need of a helping hand. We strive to provide that hand and focus on what matters: their recovery. 

Our clients aren’t just case file numbers, they’re members of our community.  

We want to learn about our clients as people. Maybe it’s a Kentucky thing, but I rarely have a meeting with a client where all we talk about is their case. Maybe they’re having trouble with their teenager, and I’ll think “Hey, I’ve been there.” I’ll offer a word of encouragement because I know how hard that phase can be. “I can tell you from experience,” I’ll say, “that they don’t stay teenagers forever.” This sort of personal connection seems out of the ordinary in our industry, but in my opinion, it should be the norm. 

Gestures like these may not be grand or fancy, but they mean a lot to us. We’re representing people going through a tough time, and it matters that we show all the care and compassion we can. Meeting and helping people, after all, is why I got into law in the first place. 

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